Season One Episodes

1-01: Pilot
Kevin Arnold and best friend Pail Pfeiffer are saying goodbye to their last summer as boys and preparing to enter Robert F. Kennedy Junior High School. Kevin and Winnie Cooper share their first kiss as Winnie mourns the loss of her brother, Brian, a soldier just killed in the Vietnam War.

Nineteen-sixty-eight... I was twelve years old. A lot happened that year: Dennis McLain won thirty-one games; "The Mod Squad" hit the air; and I graduated from Hillcrest Elementary and entered junior high school. But we'll get to that. There's no pretty way to put this... I grew up in the suburbs. I guess most people think of the suburb as a place with all the disadvantages of the city, and none of the advantages of the country. And vice versa. But, in a way, those really were the wonder years for us there in the suburbs. It was kind of a golden age for kids.

1-02: Swingers
At Brian Cooper's funeral, all Kevin can think about is Winnie and their first kiss; meanwhile, sex education begins at school, but Kevin and Paul get the feeling that their teacher isn't telling them everything they need to know.

Maybe we both realized that growing up doesn't always have to be a straight line, but a series of advances and retreats. Maybe we just felt like swinging. But whatever it was, Winnie and I made an unspoken pact that day to stay kids for a little while longer.

1-03: My Father's Office
After Kevin asks his dad about what he does at work, Jack brings his son to his office at NORCOM and shows him around. Kevin gets a glimpse into his father's life after spending the day with him, and in the end, he realizes that his father is a great man.

That night my father stood there, looking up at the sky the way he always did. But suddenly I realized I wasn't afraid of him in quite the same way anymore. The funny thing is, I felt like I lost something.

1-04: Angel
Kevin's older sister, Karen, doesn't communicate with her parents anymore, and it's all because of her new boyfriend, Louis. Kevin takes an immediate dislike to Louis and finds out that he is cheating on Karen. Things are only made worse when Louis comes to dinner.

This... was Louis. He was a junior at the State University, an honor student at political philosophy, active in student government and various non-profit social causes. But I didn't know that. All I knew was that he was on my sister like mold on cheese.

1-05: The Phone Call
Kevin tries to get up the courage to call Lisa Berlini, while Paul consults the junior high grapevine to find out if Lisa likes Kevin.

There are very few things in life as purely terrifying as calling a twelve-year-old girl on the telephone - especially a really cute twelve-year-old girl.

1-06: Dance With Me
Kevin is madly infatuated with Lisa Berlini and asks her to the school dance, but things change quickly after Lisa accepts a date with another guy.

Winnie and I had our one slow dance after all. But things wouldn't be the same between us. We were getting older. And whether we wanted it or not, the Lisa Berlinis and the Kirk McCrays were changing us by the minute. All we could do was close our eyes and wish that the slow song would never end.
Narrator: I was thirteen years old. Being self-conscious was a full-time job.