Season One Episodes

1-01: Pilot
Murder casts a long shadow. As Veronica and her father try to establish a new life in Neptune, the supposedly solved Lilly Kane murder case keeps pulling them back to the past.

1-02: Credit Where Credit's Due
Slaps the cuffs on Grandma. Weevil's grandmother is accused in a credit card scam. Veronica clashes with Logan's spoiled-rotten girlfriend and meets a great guy who belongs to the in crowd.

1-03: Meet John Smith
How many John Smiths are there in the world? Veronica tries to track down a classmate's long-lost father, an undertaking that brings her a step closer to finding her own vanished mother.

1-04: The Wrath of Con
Veronica turns cybersleuth when Wallace's wish-she-were-my-girlfriend loses cash in an internet fraud run by game geeks. Troy asks Veronica to homecoming, which stirs memories of last year's dance.

1-05: You Think You Know Somebody
Border incident. Troy's trip to Tijuana ends with him saying adios to his father's car when thieves nab the wheels. Good thing he has a detective for a girlfriend. Or is it?

1-06: Return of the Kane
Dirty politics in the school election has Veronica doing the Woodward-and-Bernstein bit. Plus: Logan creates a PR nightmare for his movie-star father when he sets up fight nights featuring homeless men.

1-07: The Girl Next Door
Veronica's pregnant neighbor disappears right after an argument with her artist boyfriend. Pranksters: Weevil and Logan unleash their creativity when they serve detention together.

1-08: Like A Virgin
Pure hell. An online "purity test" ruins the reputation of Veronica's friend. Also: Keith helps Wallace's mother lose a bad-news tenant. And Veronica visits Abel Koontz on death row - with disturbing results.

1-09: Drinking the Kool-Aid
Drugs. Polygamy. Fraud. That's what Veronica looks for when she infiltrates a cult that has won the heart, soul, and bank account of a wealthy classmate. So why is everyone so darn nice?

1-10: An Echolls Family Christmas
California Hold 'Em. Weevil's the big winner at Logan Echolls' poker party but the $5,000 pot disappears. Keith attends the Echolls' swank Christmas party to discover who's been stalking Logan's father.

1-11: Silence of the Lamb
Work ethic. While Keith helps the new sheriff search for a serial killer, Veronica goes into business doing background checks on her classmates' parents, which leads to a stunning revelation for her friend Mac.

1-12: Clash of the Tritons
You booze, you lose. The parents of a boy who's comatose after a bout of heavy drinking believe Veronica provided his fake I.D. The attempt to clear her name leads Veronica to a secret on-campus society.

1-13: Lord of the Bling
"Bone" Hamilton is a gangsta-rap impresario whose hits may include more than CDs. But he's also a desperate father eager to find his missing teen daughter. Logan suspects his mother is alive.

1-14: Mars vs. Mars
Both can't be right. When one of Veronica's favorite teachers is accused of sexual misconduct, she works to exonerate him while Keith finds details that discredit him. News about Lynn is bad...and good.

1-15: Ruskie Business
From Russia with love. A lovesick Russian internet-order bride hopes to find her former fiance. Another affair of the heart: Meg asks Veronica to help her discover the identity of her secret admirer.

1-16: Betty and Veronica
Bogart has a Maltese falcon. Veronica has a Neptune parrot. The school mascot is birdnapped just before the big game. From silly to serious: Veronica has found her mother...and more pieces to the puzzle of Lilly's murder.

1-17: Kanes and Abel's
Why would Abel Koontz confess to a murder Veronica believes he didn't commit? Perhaps for a huge payoff to his daughter. Someone's trying to make sure the school valedictorian doesn't win the Kane Scholarship.

1-18: Weapons of Class Destruction
Bomb scare: A new student is under suspicion when bomb threats lead to school evacuations. Bombshell: Veronica and Wallace cope with unexpected news from their parents.

1-19: Hot Dogs
Veronica Mars: pet detective. Her search for a missing terrier leads to darker secrets. Aaron confronts his daughter's batterer and Weevil is arrested after breaking into Lilly's room.

1-20: M.A.D.
Blackmailing the blackmailer. Veronica plots to stop a friend's vengeful ex-boyfriend from posting a salacious video. The Kanes offer a $50,000 reward to get their runaway son back home.

1-21: A Trip to the Dentist
"You want to know how I lost my virginity?" Veronica once asked. "So do I." Determined to discover who drugged and assaulted her at a party months earlier, she sifts through conflicting stories to find the truth.

1-22: Leave It to Beaver
Sex, lies and videotape. Veronica solves the murder of Lilly Kane, but not without betraying someone she cares for - and putting her own life at risk.
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