Season Two Episodes

2-1: Reconstruction
The Cheyenne Government begins the reconstruction of New Bern and Jericho. Jake seeks revenge against Constantino, but Colonel Beck warns him against this and offers him the position of sheriff. Eric and several other Rangers decide to avenge Johnston's death.

2-2: Condor
The president is about to arrive in the midst of growing suspicion that this government is not what it appears. Hawkins and Chavez work to stop the new regime before they do severe damage.

2-3: Jennings & Rall
After a vaccine arrives in town, Goetz, Jericho's new administrator, confiscates it, claiming it's tainted. Jake devises a plan to get the vaccine back. Mimi and Stanley encourage Bonnie to see what's outside of Jericho.

2-4: Oversight
Thanks to a phone call from John Smith, Hawkins finds out that he is only a day away from being caught by Beck. Mimi finds out that someone is embezzling money from J&R.

2-5: Termination For Cause
After seeing Goetz and his men kill Bonnie, Mimi's life is in danger. While she's being operated on, Jake and the Rangers barricade themselves inside the hospital to protect her from Goetz and his men.

2-6: Sedition
There's a killer on the loose and the Rangers go into hiding. Beck orders Jericho to go into lockdown, and he takes Jake hostage in order to find out who the murderer is. Hawkins goes to deliver a bomb to Chavez in Texas, but John Smith has other plans for the explosive.

2-7: Patriots and Tyrants
Hawkins is seriously wounded in a shootout with john Smith over the bomb. Now, Jake and Hawkins must somehow get the bomb to Texas before Smith catches them. With Jericho in lockdown Eric feels he must met with Constantino about forming an alliance against Beck and his army. Meanwhile, Heather manages to put a glimmer of doubt in Beck's mind about the government he works for.