Season One Episodes

1-1: The First Seventeen Hours
Fear of the unknown propels Jericho into social, psychological and physical mayhem when all communication and power is shut down in this small Kansas town after a nuclear explosion occurs in Denver. The town starts to come apart at the seams as terror, anger and confusion bring out the very worst in some residents. Jake Green, the prodigal son of the town's mayor, becomes a reluctant hero when a school bus crashes as a result of the explosion.

1-2: Fallout
Faced with the threat of radiation poisoning, Jake races to move the townspeople to the safety of underground shelters.

1-3: Four Horsemen
A faint satellite television image of a map of the US possibly showing the extent of the attacks creates even more questions and alarm in the aftermath of the bombings.

1-4: Walls of Jericho
Jake must decide what to do with a mysterious stranger who is suffering from radiation poisoning.

1-5: Federal Response
The residents of Jericho receive a recorded phone call from Homeland Security.

1-6: 9:02
An electromagnetic pulse wipes out everything with an electric circuit, plunging the town into darkness.

1-7: Long Live the Mayor
The day before Halloween, Gray Anderson returns, changed by the terrifying things he witnessed outside of town.

1-8: Rogue River
Jake and Eric embark on a dangerous trip to another town to get the medicine that can save their father's life.

1-9: Crossroads
Jericho's residents realize they need to secure their borders when they receive an unwelcome visit from several strangers.

1-10: Red Flag
When food and first aid kits start falling from the sky, the citizens of Jericho are suspicious about who is behind this much-needed relief.

1-11: Vox Populi
When a murder rocks the quiet town of Jericho, Gray seizes the opportunity to show his strength as a leader and track down the killer.

1-12: The Day Before
Jake and Hawkins' mysterious pasts are revealed during a flashback to the day before the nuclear bombs exploded.

1-13: Black Jack
Heather convinces Jake and Johnston to go with her to Black Jack, a trading post several hours from town. Dale joins them, against Johnston's wishes.

1-14: Heart of Winter
A mysterious truck smashes into the vehicle that Jake, Stanley and Mimi are driving in outside of town. Stanley is left unconscious while Jake is pinned underneath the vehicle.

1-15: Semper Fidelis
US Marines come to Jericho reporting a great victory by the military in the war abroad. But Jake and Johnston discover not all is what is seems after they ask the Marines some tough questions.

1-16: Winter's End
Kenchy must overcome his post-traumatic stress syndrome in order to perform a heroic operation on April. Meanwhile, Hawkins covers up Sarah's murder as Jimmy noses around.

1-17: One Man's Terrorist
Roger, after going crazy trying to fix a problem with the refugees, holds Gray captive. Now, Jake must act as a hostage negotiator.

1-18: AKA
Fearing that Hawkins is a terrorist, Jake confronts him at gunpoint to learn his true back story. Elsewhere, Gail and Johnston each try to come to terms with April's death in their own way.

1-19: Casus Belli
After Eric doesn't return from New Bern with Stanley, Jake and Hawkins go to investigate, but what they find is a dangerous secret plan for the future.

1-20: One If By Land
Armed men from New Bern come to Jericho to take salt from the mine. Shots are accidentally fired, injuring several men and heightening tensions between the two towns.

1-21: Coalition of the Willing
New Bern rains mortar down upon Jericho's Main Street. Hawkins and Darcy reunite, reaching a deeper level of understanding as they decide to fight on behalf of Jericho.

1-22: Why We Fight
Though they claim far fewer men or resources than their enemies in New Bern, Jericho heads into battle against its neighboring town. But the battle isn't without its costs as Johnston's life hangs in the balance.