Major Characters

Jake Green - Returns to Jericho after a five-year absence following his grandfather's death. His intent is to collect the money he is left and leave again, but after the bomb goes off, he finds himself stranded and an unlikely hero of the townspeople. --portrayed by Skeet Ulrich

Eric Green - Jake's older brother; following in his father's footsteps to becoming the mayor one day. He is married, but the relationship isn't without its problems, leading Eric to have an affair with Mary Bailey. --portrayed by Kenneth Mitchell

Gail Green - Jake and Eric's mother; Johnston's wife. All she wants is for her family to get along and try to understand each other. --portrayed by Pamela Reed

Johnston Green (Mayor) - The mayor of Jericho for 25+ years. After the bombs go off, the town is divided between Johnston and Gray Anderson, Johnston's political opponent. --portrayed by Gerald McRaney

Robert Hawkins - Initially a suspect in the bombings (he moved to Jericho just three days before the bomb went off and paid for his house in cash), he is eventually revealed to be a cop, with training in nuclear disasters. --portrayed by Lennie James

Darcy Hawkins - Darcy is Robert's estranged wife. Robert forces her and their kids to move to Jericho, in an effort to keep them safe. While they have a secretive past, they act like the all-American family for the town's residents. --portrayed by April Parker-Jones

Stanley Richmond - A farmer who has lived in Jericho his entire life. His farm is about to be audited by an IRS agent (Mimi) when the bombs go off. After striking a deal, he allows Mimi to stay with him and his younger, deaf sister. The two start dating and eventually get married. --portrayed by Brad Beyer

Bonnie Richmond - Stanley's younger sister. She is deaf and uses sign language to communicate. She takes a strong disliking to Mimi. --portrayed by Shoshannah Stern

Mimi Clark-Richmond - She comes to Jericho to audit the Richmond farm, but gets stranded after the bombs go off, She agrees to write off some of Stanley's debt in exchange for room and board at his house. The two eventually get married. --portrayed by Alicia Coppola

Emily Sullivan - A high school teacher who has lived in Jericho her entire life. She's engaged to a man named Roger Hammond, who was onboard a plane when the bomb went off. She is unsure if he's alive or if she'll ever see him again. She was engaged to Jake at one point, and still has unresolved feelings for him. --portrayed by Ashley Scott

Heather Lisinski - An elementary school teacher. She was on a field trip with her students when the bombs went off. As a result of the bus crash, she broke her leg. Has good knowledge of science and mechanics. --portrayed by Sprague Greyden

Mary Bailey - Owner of Bailey's Tavern. She begins having an affair with Eric, causing Gail and Johnston to dislike her. --portrayed by Clare Carey

Dale Turner - Lived in a trailer park with his mother, but was orphaned after the bombs exploded. Works at Gracie's market; has a crush on Skyler. --portrayed by Erik Knudsen

Jimmy Taylor (Deputy) - Dedicated to the citizens of Jericho and loyal to Mayor Green. --portrayed by Bob Stephenson

Bill Kohler (Deputy) - A deputy alongside Jimmy. After the bombs go off, he sides with Gray Anderson, causing friction between himself and Jimmy. --portrayed by Richard Spright Jr.

Gray Anderson (Mayor) - Co-owner of the salt mines; Johnston's main political opponent.--portrayed by Michael Gaston

Minor Characters

April Green - A doctor and Eric's wife. She questions her committment to him, as they both have marriage issues to work out, but after the bombs, she starts to rethink their relationship completely. --portrayed by Darby Stanchfield

Gracie Leigh - Owner of Gracie's Market; mother figure to Dale. --portrayed by Beth Grant

Skylar Stevens - A popular student whose family co-owns the salt mines. Her parents are in New York when the bombs go off and she is unsure if they are alive or if she will ever see them again. Her and Dale eventually form a friendship. --portrayed by Candace Bailey

Dr. Kenchy Dhuwalia - A doctor who works in Rogue River. He does his best to save the citizens of Jericho after the bombs drop. --portrayed by Aasif Mandvi

Samuel Hawkins - Robert and Darcy's 8-year-old son. --portrayed by Sterling Ardrey

Allison Hawkins - Robert and Darcy's teenage daughter. She's extremely protective of her younger brother and doesn't fully trust her dad. --portrayed by Jazz Raycole

Recurring Characters

Phil Constantino - The sheriff of New Bern. His mission is to protect the residents of New Bern through any means necessary. He's a good friend of the Green family. --portrayed by Timothy Omundson

Sean Henthorn - Bonnie's juvenile delinquent boyfriend. He and his friends take pleasure in harassing Dale. --portrayed by Shiloh Fernandez

Roger Hammond - A banker in Chicago and Emily's fiance. He wants her to move to Chicago with him, but she is having mixed feelings about their relationship, as they want different things in life. He is on a plane when the bombs go off, but survives. --portrayed by Christopher Wiehl

Jonah Prowse - Emily's father; disliked by many of Jericho's citizens, Emily included. She blames him for her brother's death. --portrayed by James Remar

Russell - A resident of New Bern. He sets up a trading system between the two towns and generally tries to keep the peace. --portrayed by David Meunier

Thomas Valente - Director of Homeland Security. --portrayed by Daniel Benzali

Major Edward Beck - A Major in the US Army; joins the Cheyanne Government after the bombs go off. He is sent to Jericho and New Bern to keep the peace between the two towns, though he also has other reasons for being there. --portrayed by Esai Morales

John Goetz - Leader of the Ravenwood mercenary team. He is a dangerous man who eventually makes his way to Jericho. --portrayed by D.B. Sweeney