Warning: randommess to follow!

Iím Jen. With one ďn.Ē Jennifer is reserved for formal occasions (and for people who donít know me that well), and Jenny was bestowed upon me when I was a little girl, by my dad, in the nickname-form of Jenny-Penny. Nobody else can get away with calling me that.

I grew up in small-town Pennsylvania, but currently live in New York with my fiance, Mike, and our two cats, Scruffy and Littles. When I say New York, I donít mean New York City, which is the general assumption. I donít live in a glamorous-always-something-to-do-city-that-never-sleeps. And if I did, I would hate it.

I collect socks. I have more socks than what most people would consider normal. I have themed socks (Monopoly, for example), toe socks, holiday socks (Christmas, Valentineís Day), character socks (Family Guy, Peanuts, Grinch), the list goes on and on. I actually like getting socks for Christmas.

I have obsessions with turtles and penguins. I have a pretty big turtle collection, ranging from stuffed animals to salt-and-pepper shakers. Many people have contributed to this collection over the years. My penguin obsession is a little more recent, therefore, the collection is smaller. One day I would like to display everything (non-stuffed) in a curio cabinet.

I love old sitcoms; stuff from the '80s and '90s. Shows that we look back on now and think how cheesy television was back then. But I love it. I love the nostalgia they bring. To be able to revert back to my childhood in thirty-minute blocks is truly amazing. And now I sound cheesy, but thatís okay.

My favorite movie genre is horror, and I think that makes me a bit of a rare girl. Most females, even if they like horror, probably donít rank it as number one. I particularly love slashers, with the Friday the 13th series being a favorite there. The same can be said of video games. Iím a big survival horror gamer, with the Silent Hill series being at the top of that list. My favorite non-horror series is Kingdom Hearts.

I love music and concerts. Iíve been known to travel up to four hours to see a show. That might not seem like a lot to some people; for others, that might be insane. For me, thatís just who I am. Sometimes you just have to do what makes you happy.

I love to read. I prefer physical books to e-reader forms, but I guess Iím old-fashioned like that. It actually pisses me off that bookstores are becoming less common as electronic forms of reading are becoming more popular. For this reason, I tend to pick up a new book or two (or three, four, etc.) when I visit a bookstore. Iíd rather own them outright and read them down the road than have them not be available at all. True crime, fiction and mystery are genre-favorites.

Fears, you ask? Bugs. All kinds. Every kind. I have a massive bug phobia. I get panic attacks if Iím even in the same room as one. Flying / jumping bugs, especially. A lot of people donít understand this fear and will tell me, ďitís just a bug; it wonít hurt you.Ē I donít care. I donít want any part of any bug. Ever.

I have girl-crushes on Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis. Mike is okay with this, haha. ♥