Season Two Episodes

2-1: Wembley's Egg
A giant egg from the Gorg's garden lands in the middle of Fraggle Rock, and Wembley decides to hatch it.

2-2: Boober Rock
Boober gets tired of all the noise and activity of Fraggle Rock and runs away to find oeace and quiet.

2-3: The Trash Heap Doesn't Live Here Anymore
The Gorgs move the Trash Heap, and the Fraggles discover their source of wisdom is not quite the same anymore.

2-4: Red's Sea Monster
Red discovers a giant sea monster living in Fraggle Rock, but no one believes her.

2-5: Uncle Matt Comes Home
Uncle Traveling Matt comes back from Outer Space to spend some time with his nephew Gobo.

2-6: Boober's Dream
Boober dreams about a strange Fraggle named Sidebottom who turns out to be more than just a dream.

2-7: Mokey and the Minstrels
The Minstrels return to Fraggle Rock and Mokey leaves her friends to join them as their guest.

2-8: All Work and All Play
Cotterpin Doozer decides she'd rather be a Fraggle, like Red, than spend the rest of her life building with the Doozers.

2-9: Sir Hubris and the Gorgs
The Fraggles play a trick on the Gorgs. It works perfectly - until the whole thing backfires.

2-10: A Friend In Need
Sprocket gets stuck in the hole between Doc's workshop and Fraggle Rock, and Gobo has to help him escape.

2-11: The Wizard of Fraggle Rock
The Wizard comes to Fraggle Rock and convinces Wembley to switch places with him. Wembley has a great time until the Poison Cackler enters the scene.

2-12: The Doozer Contest
An argument between Flange and Modem Doozer turns into a Doozer duel and causes a crises in Fraggle Rock.

2-13: Red's Club
Red decides to start a club of her own. But the only other member she can find is Cotterpin Doozer.

2-14: The Secret of Convincing John
Wembley, who never can make up his mind about anything, meets Convincing John and suddenly becomes the most decisive Fraggle in the world.

2-15: Manny's Land of Carpets
A transistor radio finds its way into the Rock and the Fraggles decide to pack up and move to the Promised Land - a cut-rate carpet store.

2-16: Junior Sells the Farm
Junior Gorg meets a fast-talking salesman who offers him the mythical "Peas of Power" in exchange for the family castle.

2-17: Fraggle Wars
Mokey discovers another tribe of Fraggles who live in a far corner of Fraggle Rock.

2-18: The Day the Music Died
Gobo is trying to write a song commemorating his Uncle Traveling Matt. But, suddenly, the light disappears in Fraggle Rock.

2-19: The Doomsday Soup
Boober invents a soup which can make Fraggles invisible - but it can also blow up Fraggle Rock!

2-20: A Cave of One's Own
Red and Mokey decide to share a cave, but during their cave-warming party, they get into the worst fight of their lives.

2-21: Wembley and the Great Race
Wembley and Gobo's friendship is strained to the breaking point when they find themselves competing in a big race.

2-22: Doozer is as Doozer Does
Wrench Doozer wants to be part of the best Doozer squad around - even if it means flopping, an activity which is dangerous for Doozers and the Dome they live in.

2-23: Boober's Quiet Day
Boober Fraggle tries to have a quiet day, but his alter-ego Sidebottom shows up to make sure he doesn't.

2-24: The Invasion of the Toe Ticklers
When the furry little Toe-Ticklers come to Fraggle Rock, Mokey decides to make them stay so that the Fraggles can be tickled forever. But the Toe-Ticklers start to change and the Fraggle's laughter turns to panic.