Season One Episodes

1-1: Beginnings
Gobo's Uncle Traveling Matt discovers a way to leave Fraggle Rock and venture out into a new land he calls "Outer Space." This new discovery begins the fraggley fun and adventures of Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober and Red - but will it lead to trouble?

1-2: Wembley and the Gorgs
When the giant Gorgs, who claim to be Rulers of the Universe, capture Wembley Fraggle and enslave him, Gobo, Red, Mokey and Boober must form a rescue party to save the day - but they soon need rescuing themselves!

1-3: Let the Water Run
Red has planned a one-Fraggle swim show, but just before the performance, a drought hits Fraggle Rock and the swimming hole becomes a mud puddle. The Pipe Bangers are unable to work their usual magic. Can Red solve the problem and get the show out of the mud?

1-4: You Can't Do That Without a Hat
Boober must learn how to deal with his paranoia and stop worrying all the time! To help, Marjory the Trash Heap advises the Fraggles to give Boober a special hat to guard him from all ills, and it works - until he loses it!

1-5: The 30 Minute Work Week
The time has come for Wembley to pick an occupation at Fraggle Rock. It's a big decision, and Wembley is not good at decision making. But when he learns that the all-knowing Trash Heap always wanted to be a fireman, will Wembley realize that decisions aren't always easy?

1-6: The Preachification of Convincing John
Mokey decides it is not right for the Fraggles to eat the lovely constructions that the Doozers build. When she calls upon one of Fraggle Rock's strangest residents for help, the results are not what she expects.

1-7: I Want To Be You
Red gets her feelings hurt and decides that the only way to be successful in Fraggle Rock is to be just like Mokey. She tries to be someone she's not, and quickly learns how wrong a Fraggle can be!

1-8: The Terrible Tunnel
There is an ancient legent in Fraggle Rock about the Terrible Tunnel that swallows up Fraggles forever. No one much believes the tale, but when Wembley finds the tunnel, will anyone in Fraggle Rock believe him?

1-9: The Lost Treasure of the Fraggles
When Gobo and Red find an ancient treasure map, they decide to go on a dangerous quest for untold riches. Their quest leads them into the Gorg's castle, but can they find the treasure deep inside?

1-10: Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk
Gobo makes his usual trip to Outer Space, but just after he leaves, Doc decides to board up the Fraggle Hole! Will Gobo be trapped in the outside world and seperated from his friends forever?

1-11: Catch the Tail by the Tiger
When Gobo has not received his usual postcard from his Uncle Traveling Matt, he eventually comes to realize that he must venture into Outer Space to look for him - a trip that would terrify any of the Fraggles!

1-12: The Finger of Light
The World's Oldest Fraggle introduces the Fraggles to a dangerous new game: they pass over the dreaded Echo Hole, to a special room where the Finger of Light chooses a ruler for the Fraggles. Will the new ruler find out that power is tougher to handle than the Echo Hole?

1-13: We Love You Wembley
Wembley falls in love with a Fraggle named Lou. But are Wembley's feelings for real or is he under a different influence? It's hard to tell because Marjory the Trash Heap gave him a love potion!

1-14: The Challenge
Gobo has always been the leader of the Fraggle gang, but when Red challenges him, they both get trapped by Junior Gorg, and Junior winds up in danger of losing both his ears - and his life!

1-15: I Don't Care
Boober is given a lucky charm by the Trash Heap, which is accidentally destroyed by the others. When the trouble from the accident gets out of control, the Fraggles must take it to the highest most important court in the land!

1-16: Capture the Moon
The Fraggles set out to capture the full moon, the wondrous shining object that floats in their pond once every month. It starts out as just a game, until they actually capture it! But, can you ever really capture the moon?

1-17: Marrooned
Boober finds himself trapped in a cave-in with Red. But since the two of them have never gotten along too well, discovering that they may die together is kind of a shock! And on top of it all, it's also Boober's birthday!

1-18: The Minstrels
A band of Traveling Musicians comes to Fraggle Rock to present an ancient Fraggle tradition - the Medley. When Red gets carried away in her desire to participate and steals the Musicians' magic pipe, will the Medley ever be presented?

1-19: The Great Radish Famine
When all the radishes suddenly disappear from the Gorgs' garden, the civilization of Fraggle Rock nearly comes to an end. Can they find a way to regrow the radishes and can the Fraggles and Gorgs work together to accomplish the task?

1-20: The Garden Plot
Junior Gorg is in trouble and tries to get back in his father's good graces by tidying up the garden - but what will the Fraggles do when Junior's tidying project starts with the deconstruction of Fraggle Rock?

1-21: Gobo's Discovery
Gobo decides to give up exploring until an invisible monster moves into Fraggle Rock. Is he brave enough to find the monster and save his Fraggle friends from destruction?

1-22: Mokey's Funeral
Mokey conceives a clever plot to fool Junior Gorg. Her friends are not sure it's so clever when they witness Junior conducting a burial service for their friend. Has Mokey gone too far?

1-23: The Beast of Bluerock
Wembley Fraggle has a major falling out with his best friend, Gobo - and then, with their friendship on the rocks, Wembley must follow him on an incredible adventure into the lair of a mythical, fearsome beast!

1-24: New Trash Heap in Town
Mokey Fraggle goes off alone one night to paint a picture of a rare cave creature. When she returns at dawn, she discovers that all the Fraggles now consider her their oracle: Mokey is the new Trash Heap!