He Said, She Said

Warren: Me, Joe. You, Jane.

AJ: Joe, I need to ask your advice. Now I know you know a lot about love and women and all that sort of thing...
Joe: Oh yeah, my wife left me for another woman and my girlfriend forced me to leave at gunpoint. Does this qualify me?
AJ: Oh yeah, definitely.

AJ I got to tell her that I, uh, well, you know, that I, uh...
Joe ...love her.
AJ: Yeah. Now how do I do that?
Joe: You say 'I love you'. What do you want, written instructions?

Lucas: Joe, is it okay if I leave the couch? 'Cause I'm gonna leave the couch now, okay? My ass is falling asleep, so I gotta go. I'm leaving.

Lucas: Joe, I think it's gonna be okay.
Joe: What makes you think that?
Lucas: Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear.

Lucas: Joe, I can categorically say that you are not a bigger banana-head.

Lucas: I do not regret the things I've done, but those I did not do.

Rex Manning: Why don't you all just...fade away.

Mark: Damn the Man! Save the Empire!

Jane: What are you doing later?
Joe: I don't know. I'm either going to jail or hell. I can't decide which.

Warren: Stop calling me Warren! My name isn't FUCKING WARREN!
Eddie: His name isn't Warren.
Corey: His name isn't Warren.
Berki: His name isn't Warren.
Mark: I thought his name was Warren?