Meet the Employees...and some others.

Joe Reaves - The manager of Empire Records. He's sort of a father-figure to his employees. His plan is to save enough money so that he can buy the business from Mitchell. That is, until Lucas loses the money gambling. --portrayed by Anthony LaPaglia

Lucas - He is left in charge of closing one night, and upon discovering the business is about to be bought out, he steals $9,104 (he counted it - twice!) in an attempt to double it in Atlantic City and thus, save the business. He ends up losing it all and as punishment, is confined to the couch. --portrayed by Rory Cochrane

AJ - The artist. He is in love with Corey and decides he has to tell her by 1:37 exactly. He ends up quitting Empire Records to attend art school in Boston so he can be near Corey, who is accepted into Harvard. --portrayed by Johnny Whitworth

Mark - Mark is kind of a spaz. He has a love for loud music and wants to start a band. --portrayed by Ethan Embry

Corey - Corey is an over-achiever who is accepted into Harvard. She feels the need to make use of every hour of the day, sometimes taking pills to stay awake. She has a crush on Rex Manning and intends to sleep with him. She comes close, but realizes her mistake at the last minute. When AJ admits his feelings for her, she brushes him off as just a friend, but later realizes she was wrong. --portrayed by Liv Tyler

Gina - A bit of a slut, Gina sleeps with Rex Manning after Corey realizes the mistake she is about to make after almost doing the same. This causes a fight between the two friends. --portrayed by Renee Zellweger

Debra - She is suicidal and a bit unpredictable, as indicated when she locks herself in the bathroom and shaves her head. She has a hard time letting people get close to her. She is level-headed with a tough exterior. --portrayed by Robin Tunney

Warren - Initially caught shoplifting, but really just wanted a job at a record store. Upon his release from juvy, he is offered one. --portrayed by Brendan Sexton III

Berko - Debra's boyfriend and fellow Empire Records employee. He encourages Gina to follow her dream of singing in a band by letting her sing lead on one of his songs at their benefit.--portrayed by Coyote Shivers

Eddie - A pizza delivery guy and Mark's best friend. --portrayed by James Willis

Rex Manning - A washed-up rockstar who comes to Empire Records to promote his new album. He later has sex with Gina in the countout room. --portrayed by Maxwell Caulfield

Jane - Rex's manager who eventually quits. --portrayed by Debi Mazar

Mitchell Beck - The owner of Empire Records. --portrayed by Ben Bode