Season Five Episodes

2-1 & 2-2: Bad Blood
Dwayne is shocked to learn that his summer sexual encounter has made him HIV positive. BLT and Michelle's relationship is in trouble. In a bid to win money for a car, Joey streaks through the cafeteria.

2-3: Loyalties
Caitlin is devastated when she discovers that her father is having an affair. Alexa lies to Michelle about spending time with BLT and his new girlfriend.

2-4: A Tangled Web
Still struggling with his parents' death, Wheels is acting out in school and at home. Caitlin tells her parents she knows about her father's affair.

2-5: Body Politics
Alexa and Michelle reconcile their friendship. Having broken up with Spike, Patrick asks Liz out.

2-6: Crossed Wires
Liz is haunted by memories of being sexually abused as a child. Tessa and Yankou discover the joys and frustrations of early romance, and Joey and Dwayne find new ways to relate to each other.

2-7: The All-Nighter
Kathleen surprises her friends by bringing marijuana to Diana's birthday party. Joey continues to be frustrated by Wheels, who is still staying at Joey's house.

2-8: Home Sweet Home
Joey asks Wheels to leave after he discovers that Wheels has been stealing money from his mother. Michelle decides to move back in with her father.

2-9: Extracurricular Activities
Bronco reveals to Lucy that the Savages are coming to Degrassi to film a video.

2-10 & 2-11: Showtime
While the other kids are preparing for a talent show, Claude becomes depressed and feels he has no place to turn. Later, Claude commits suicide at school. Joey helps Caitlin deal with her conflicting feelings after Claude's death. Snake gets help as he tries to recover from finding Claude's body.

2-12: Three's a Crowd
The Degrassi kids are preparing for the semiformal, and everyone is looking for dates - with varying success.

2-13: One Last Dance
After rumors start circulating that a student at Degrassi High has HIV, Dwayne reveals that it's him. Joey and Caitlin reunite at Degrassi's last dance.

School's Out
Despite desperate attempts to keep the old gang together, Joey, Snake, Wheels, Caitlin, Lucy, Spike and others head in different directions as temperatures rise the summer after graduation.