Season Four Episodes

1-1 & 1-2: A New Start
It's the first day at Degrassi High, and Erica fears that her summer romance has left her pregnant.

1-3: Breaking Up is Hard to Do
When Michelle's parents split up. things are not as clear as they first appear. Erica's abortion wasn't easy, and someone is making it worse.

1-4: Dream On
Arthur fantasizes about his dream girl. Meanwhile, Caitlin accepts an invitation from someone else, even though she has plans with Joey.

1-5: Everybody Wants Something
The Zits make a non-sexist rock video. Caitlin and Joey learn that breaking up is hard. Erica learns who has been harrassing her.

1-6: Nobody's Perfect
Kathleen's new boyfriend, Scott, becomes abusive. Spike goes on a date with Patrick, despite her initial hesitation.

1-7: Just Friends
At a party, Heather throws herself at Wheels and seriously damages their friendship. LD finds out she has leukemia.

1-8: Little White Lies
By smoking and drinking, Diana tries to shed her "good girl" image and Melanie tries to impress Luke. Meanwhile, Joey, Snake and Wheels suffer deflated egos and wallets when they try to see a striptease.

1-9 & 1-10: Sixteen
Michelle's father's rigidity and his prejudice toward BLT convince her to move out. Lucy comforts LD as she faces her fears about leukemia. Joey and Snake joke their way through driver's ed.

1-11: All in a Good Cause
Claude convinces Caitlin to help him spray anti-nuke slogans on a factory where nuclear weapons will soon be produced. Scott beats up Kathleen again.

1-12: Natural Attraction
When Erica starts dating again, Heather has trouble dealing with it. She feels guilty about supporting her sister's abortion, and is afraid a new romance could lead to another pregnancy.

1-13: Testing One, Two, Three...
Joey finally gets his driver's license but learns that his academic difficulties are due to a learning disability.

1-14: It Creeps!!
Lucy directs her first movie - It Creeps! Shane returns, after many months of rehab, wanting to see Spike.

1-15: Stressed Out
Degrassi students face final exams. Snake is afraid to fail his driving test again. Caitlin writes a letter of protest because she mistakenly believes that Ms. Avery is being fired.