Season Three Episodes

3-1 & 3-2: Can't Live with 'Em
Wheels struggles with grief and guilt when his parents are killed in a car accident. Shane tries to prove to Spike that he wants to help take care of the baby.

3-3: A Big Girl Now
Lucy's relationship with Paul makes her a fickle friend, and Paul has some sexual expectations she's not sure she's ready for.

3-4: Season's Greetings
It is Christmastime at Degrassi, yet all is not cheerful.

3-5: Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Caitlin gets hurt when she misunderstands Joey's intentions.

3-6: He Ain't Heavy...
Snake's brother, Glenn, unexpectedly returns home from medical school and announces that he is gay.

3-7: The Whole Truth
Caitlin is always searching for a "hot issue" for the Degrassi Digest - which she finds when Liz organizes a protest for animal rights.

3-8: Star-Crossed
True to her horoscope, Erica falls madly in love after catching a glimpse of Clutch, so when Clutch asks out her sister, the twins decide to switch places.

3-9: Food for Thought
Kathleen shows symptoms of anorexia and Melanie tries to help her.

3-10: Twenty Bucks
Shane spends his monthly child-support money on a concert ticket. Joey asks Caitlin out to win a $20 bet.

3-11 & 3-12: Taking Off
Wheels continues to have trouble dealing with the death of his parents. Meanwhile, Luke and Shane take acid on their way to a concert, leaving Shane badly hurt and in a coma.

3-13: Making Whoopee
Arthur is feeling rejected and worried that his dad may remarry. Melanie decides to ask Snake out.

3-14: Black and White
BLT asks Michelle to the graduation dance, but her parents disapprove. Spike is rejected from a job because of her hairstyle.

3-15: Pa-arty!
Joey, Snake and Wheels are caught by the police after buying beer for Lucy's "secret" party.

3-16: Bye-Bye Junior High
The end of the year means facing final exams, finding dates for the dance, and saying good-bye to Degrassi.