Season Two Episodes

2-1: Eggbert
Shane begins to understand the responsibilities of parenthood when Spike includes him in an experiment.

2-2: A Helping Hand
Just as Lucy's parents seem busier than ever, the new substitute teacher makes Lucy his class pet.

2-3: Great Expectations
Joey plans to find out for himself if Liz, a new student, is as fast as everyone says.

2-4: Dinner & a Show
Shane's parents invite Spike and her mom to dinner so that everyone can meet and talk.

2-5: Stage Fright
Caitlin has difficulty accepting her condition after she learns that she has epilepsy.

2-6: Fight!
Joey has to face consequences when he crosses Dwayne, the class bully.

2-7: Bottled Up
Rick and Caitlin try to help Kathleen when they discover that her mother is an alcoholic.

2-8: Sealed with a Kiss
Erica decides that she is spontaneous, romantic and mature while her twin Heather is sensible and boring.

2-9: Dog Days
Stephanie's depression deepens as her father continues to fight for custody and her mother makes plans to remarry.

2-10: Consored
Caitlin submits an article to the student newspaper, supporting Spike's right to remain in school. But when the article is rejected, Caitlin distributes it herself.

2-11: Trust Me
Sprike's pregnancy gets her thrown out of school, and disaster strikes when Joey and Wheels talk Snake into letting them spend the night.

2-12: He's Back...
Lucy wants Wheels and LD to forget about what Mr. Colby did to her - until he returns to substitute at Degrassi.

2-13: Pass Tense
Degrassi kids face their final exams, and while Wheels worries that he might not pass, Joey discovers that he may have to repeat the year.