Season One Episodes

1-1: Kiss Me, Steph
When Steph swaps kisses for votes, she learns some promises are easier made than kept.

1-2: The Big Dance
Voula does the wrong thing for the right reason, much to her strict father's dismay.

1-3: The Experiment
Arthur has a plan that will prove Mr. raditch is biased, but ends up putting the "fool" in a foolproof idea.

1-4: The Cover-Up
When Joey sees Rick get beaten up by his father, he must decide whether to report the incident or keep it to himself.

1-5: The Great Race
It's a battle of the sexes when LD challenges the boys' soccer squad to a swim meet against the girls' swim team.

1-6: Rumor Has It
Kathleen is spreading rumors that Ms. Avery is gay, which ultimately causes Caitlin to question her own sexuality.

1-7: The Best Laid Plans
Stephanie asks Wheels out on a date though neither is sure they're ready for it.

1-8: Nothing to Fear
When LD's dad goes into the hospital, LD is terrified that he may die.

1-9: What a Night!
Voula goes shopping with Lucy, but when she finds out Lucy doesn't pay for her clothes, it's too late.

1-10: Smokescreen
When cynical Rick suddenly takes an interest in the Environmental Action Committee, Caitlin decides he can be redeemed.

1-11: It's Late
When Spike's period is late, she doesn't know what to tell Shane, or worse, her mother.

1-12: Parents' Night
When Wheels' birth father shows up out of the blue, Wheels has to deal with his feelings about who he really is.

1-13: Revolution!
Stephanie makes Joey Sports Rep, a position traditionally held by a seventh grader, and the seventh grade starts a move to impeach her.