Randall "Pink" Floyd - quarterback of the football team; makes a big deal out of signing the pledge; dating Simone, but semi-cheats with Jodi; was the only senior to heed Jodi's warning to "take it easy" on her brother, Mitch. --portrayed by Jason London

Don Dawson - plays football; signed the pledge sheet just to get the coaches off his ass; dating Shavonne, but can't help hitting on a teacher. --portrayed by Sasha Jenson

Benny O'Donnell - plays football and takes it more seriously than the others; worried that Pink might choose quitting the team over signing the pledge sheet. --portrayed by Cole Hauser

Melvin Spivey - plays football with Pink, Dawson and Benny; picks up the pledge sheet after Pink tosses it on the ground. --portrayed by Jason O. Smith

Ron Slater - the stoner. --portrayed by Rory Cochrane

Kevin Pickford - the dealer; his party was cancelled after the delivery guy came by early and his parents found out; his dad doesn't trust him while his mom is a little more forgiving. --portrayed by Shawn Andrews

Mike Newhouse - one of three nerds/intellectual types; started a fight with Clint at the Moon Tower and got one good punch in before getting his ass kicked; wants to dance! --portrayed by Adam Goldberg

Tony Olson - one of three nerds/intellectual types; hangs out with Mike and Cynthia; uncomfortable around others; "proposed to" by Sabrina, who he later hooks up with. --portrayed by Anthony Rapp

Fred O'Bannion - the "badass"; flunked senior year; is out to get the freshmen, particularly Mitch; had a shotgun pulled on him by Carl's mom; had paint dumped on him by the freshmen in retaliation for the hazing. --portrayed by Ben Affleck


Jodi Kramer - Mitch's older sister, who tells the guys to "take it easy" on him; likes Pink, but knows that he's with Simone, so she never progresses past a drunken kiss and some flirting. --portrayed by Michelle Burke

Shavonne Wright - dating Dawson; passes time in class by trying to list every Gilligan's Island episode. --portrayed by Deena Martin

Simone Kerr - participated in the hazing of Sabrina; dating Pink, but shows a lack of concern for his interest in Jodi. --portrayed by Joey Lauren Adams

Michelle Burrough - dating Pickford; "mostly painted" the KISS statues; plays guitar. --portrayed by Milla Jovovich

Kaye Faulkner - the feminist; did not participate in the hazings, though she stood idly by and watched. --portrayed by Christine Harnos

Darla Marks - the bitch; has a holier-than-thou attitude and expects all the freshmen girls to bow to her every command. --portrayed by Parker Posey

Cynthia Dunn - one of three nerds/intellectual types; hangs out with Mike and Tony; has a crush on Wooderson. --portrayed by Marissa Ribisi


Mitch Kramer - pitches for his baseball team; gets the worst of the hazing, particularly by O'Bannion, after his older sister Jodi asks the guys to take it easy on him; parties with the seniors after Pink invites him to hang out; hooks up with sophomore Julie. --portrayed by Wiley Wiggins

Carl Burnett - the only freshman to never be hazed, though close to it on two seperate occasions; his mom pulled a shotgun on O'Bannion. --portrayed by Esteban Powell

John Hirschfelder - was "getting there" with a girl at the freshmen's last junior high party before Carl and Tommy force him to leave; paddled by Benny and O'Bannion. --portrayed by Jeremy Fox

Tommy Houston - catches for his baseball team; friends with Mitch, Carl and Hirschfelder. --portrayed by Mark Vendermeulen


Sabrina Davis - hazed by the senior girls; "proposed" to Tony, who she later hooked up with; invited by Jodi to hang out with the girls for the evening. --portrayed by Christin Hinojosa


David Wooderson - graduated a few years earlier, but continues to hang out with the high school crowd; has a thing for Cynthia (" those redheads."). --portrayed by Matthew McConaughey

Julie Simms - the sophomore that Mitch hooks up with. --portrayed by Catherine Morris

Clint Bruno - the bully; beat Mike's ass at the Moon Tower after Mike punched him. --portrayed by Nicky Katt

Coach Conrad - constantly on Pink's back about signing the pledge and running with that "other crowd." --portrayed by Terry Mross