Season Six Episodes

6-01: His Answer (1)
Cory and Topanga decide to elope after their announcement causes conflicting views.

6-02: Her Answer (2)
Topanga can't bring herself to marry Cory under the conditions in which they eloped; Eric tries to stop Mr. Feeny from retiring.

6-03: Ain't College Great?
Cory takes on too many tough courses and quickly becomes overwhelmed, leaving him to travel to Wyoming for Mr. Feeny's advice.

6-04: Friendly Persuasion
Angela tells Cory that they were never really friends; Cory tries to win her friendship after Angela and Shawn break up.

6-05: Better than the Average Cory
Cory feels like he hasn't done anything significant with his life after meeting a child prodigy.

6-06: Hogs and Kisses
After they kiss in a promotional film, Cory insists that Topana and Shawn have feelings for each other; Eric and Jack are on their best behavior to impress Rachel.

6-07: Everybody Loves Stuart
A professor makes a move on Topanga, causing Cory to hit him and put himself in danger of being expelled.

6-08: You're Married You're Dead
Cory loses his engagement ring at a bikini-clad club.

6-09: Poetic License: An Ode to Holden Caulfield
Cory makes fun of a poem that Mr. Feeny reads aloud in class, only to find out that Shawn is the author.

6-10: And In Case I Don't See Ya
Eric creates a tv show featuring his roommates, giving Rachel unwanted instant popularity.

6-11: Santa's Little Helpers
Cory wants to push Shawn and Angela back together while Topanga thinks they should work their feelings out on their own; Eric takes a job as a store Santa.

6-12: Cutting the Cord
Shawn and Angela serve Cory and Topanga with a restraining order forbidding them to interfere with their relationship; Alan feels too old to raise another child; Eric becomes Amy's birthing coach.

6-13: We'll Have a Good Time Then
Chet comes back and promises Shawn and Jack that he will stay and be part of their lives. Later, he has a heart attack and dies.

6-14: Getting Hitched
Cory and Topanga suffer bruised egos when Eric and Rachel know more about each other than they do, so they decide to move in together in an effort to learn more about each other; Shawn is angry to learn that Jack's family helped fund his college education; Eric walks in on Jack and Rachal kissing.

6-15: Road Trip
Shawn takes Cory on a road trip for the weekend, as a way of dealing with his father's death, but Cory discovers that he has no intention of returning home.

6-16: My Baby Valentine
Any goes into labor early and is told the baby may not survive.

6-17: Resurrection
Everyone awaits word on the new baby's health; Shawn returns and is accepted as a member of the Matthews' family.

6-18: Can I Help to Cheer You?
Cory and Topanga attend a wedding ceremony to get ideas for their own wedding; the bride's father offers Cory one million dollars to marry his daughter; Tommy wants Eric to adopt him.

6-19: Bee True
Cory and Shawn plot to get Mr. Feeny and Dean Bolander together; Jack and Rachel go on a date.

6-20: The Truth About Honesty
Cory and Topanga make a pact to always tell the truth, no matter what, but their honesty creates tension at Jack and Rachel's dinner party; Shawn realizes he wants Angela back.

6-21: The Psychotic Episode
Cory has a recurring nightmare in which he kills Shawn; Eric moves in with an odd new roommate.

6-22: State of the Unions
Topangas parents make an unexpected announcement; Mr. Feeny and Dean Bolander get married.
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