Season Five Episodes

5-01: Brothers
Cory is upset when Eric moves back home, and sets out to find him another place to live. The roommate he finds turns out to be Shawn's half-brother.

5-02: Boy Meets Real World
Cory makes a film about Eric, Shawn and Jack's lives.

5-03: It's Not You...It's Me
Cory and Shawn agree to attend the same college, but realize they're headed in different directions; Eric and Jack befriend the Dean in the hopes of making their college experience easier.

5-04: Fraternity Row
Shawn attends a college class and thinks he's better suited there than in high school; Eric starts his own fraternity.

5-05: The Witches of Pennbrook
Eric catches Jack's new girlfriend practicing witchcraft; Cory takes Topanga on her first flight.

5-06: No Guts, No Cory
The gang travels back in time to the 1940's, where the guys enlist in the Army.

5-07: I Love You, Donna Karan (1)
Shawn breaks up with Angela after his "two-weeks-only" rule is up; Shawn finds a purse and falls in love with the owner based solely on its content.

5-08: Chasing Angela (2)
Cory wants Shawn to have the same kind of relationship he has with Topanga; Eric and Jack host Thanksgiving dinner at their place.

5-09: How to Succeed in Business
Shawn is more successful than Cory at their work-study program; Eric is embarrassed when Amy takes the same creative writing class he's in.

5-10: A Very Topanga Christmas
Topanga spends Christmas with the Matthews', where Cory discovers their holiday traditions are very different.

5-11: Raging Cory
Alan has an intellectual relationship with Cory and a sports relationship with Eric, but both sons want what the other has with their father.

5-12: The Eskimo
Mr. Feeny assigns Shawn to obtain Superbowl tickets, Cory to help him succeed and Topanga not to interfere.

5-13: Heartbreak Cory
Cory meets another girl when he sprains his ankle on the class ski trip.

5-14: First Girlfriends Club
Three of Shawn's ex-girlfriends kidnap him on Valentine's Day, forcing him to stand Angela up; Topanga reads Lauren's letter to Cory.

5-15: Torn Between Two Lovers (Feeling Like a Fool)
Cory has to decide between Topanga and Lauren.

5-16: And Then There Was Shawn
The gang is locked inside the school with a killer. This episode is a horror movie spoof.

5-17: If You Can't Be With the One You Love...
Cory begins drinking as a way to get over Topanga; after being arrested, Cory and Shawn vow never to drink again, a promise which Shawn breaks.

5-18: Eric Hollywood
After Eric does well in a Shakespeare play, he is offered and accepts a role on Kid Gets Acquainted with the Universe.

5-19: Starry Night
Topanga goes out on a date with a young artist she meets at a gallery.

5-20: Honesty Night
Cory and Topanga get back together, but pretend to still be apart so that Shawn can reunite them. However, that only causes them to break up again.

5-21: Prom-ises, Prom-ises
Cory and Shawn plan to become men on prom night, but Angela isn't ready and Cory changes his mind after his parents make an unexpected announcement.

5-22: Things Change
Cory is devastated to learn that none of his friends have the same college plans that he does.

5-23: Graduation
Topanga is accepted into Yale, forcing Cory to deal with his feelings about her leaving; Topanga asks Cory to marry her at graduation.
Shawn: I can't believe it, Feeny locked us in.
Cory: He can't do that. It's against the Geneva Detention Convention.