Season Four Episodes

4-01: You Can Go Home Again
Worried about his future, Eric decides to stay in a small town instead of returning home; Alan is unhappy with his career.

4-02: Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow
Topanga cuts her hair in an attempt to prove to Cory that looks don't matter, but she ends up regretting it.

4-03: I Ain't Gonna Spray Lettuce No More
Alan quits his job; Shawn shows Cory what it's like to be poor.

4-04: Fishing for Virna
Shawn's mother returns to town, and Cory decides to reunite her with Shawn and Chet; Cory organizes a memorial for the cafeteria lady.

4-05: Shallow Boy
Eric is the subject of an angry song, written by a girl who he rejects; Cory and Topanga babysit together, wondering if their different parenting skills will affect their future together.

4-06: Janitor Dad
Chet becomes a school janitor, embarrassing Shawn; Alan and Eric interview potential applicants for their new business.

4-07: Singled Out
Eric is a contestant on Singled Out; Cory is worried that he'll disappear when he gets his tonsils taken out.

4-08: Dangerous Secret
Cory assumes he knows the truth when he discovers a girl has been sleeping over at Shawn's house.

4-09: Sixteen Candles and Four-Hundred-Pound Men
Topanga's sixteenth birthday party and Frankie's father's wrestling match fall on the same night, and Cory has to be in both places at once.

4-10: Turkey Day
Cory and Shawn decide to have their families spend Thanksgiving together, only the dinner doesn't go as planned.

4-11: An Affair to Forget
Shawn's girlfriend has an ultimatum for him: cease all contact with Cory; Eric writes a one-man play about his life.

4-12: Easy Street
Cory and Shawn are hired by a couple of shady guys to run errands for them. Cory quits after becoming uncomfortable, but Shawn gets in over his head.

4-13: B & B's B 'n B
Cory, Shawn and Topanga turn Mr. Feeny's house into a bed and breakfast while he's out of town; Mr. Feeny and Eric end up at the same bar and become better friends after learning more about each other.

4-14: Wheels
Cory spends his sixteenth birthday with Topanga and Shawn instead of his family, upsetting Alan.

4-15: Chick Like Me
Shawn dresses up as a girl in an attempt to see things from a female's point of view for a story he and Cory are writing for the school paper.

4-16: A Long Walk To Pittsburgh (1)
Cory begins seeing Topanga and Shawn acting friendlier than usual, leading him to believe the worst. Only the truth is much worse than he imagined.

4-17: A Long Walk To Pittsburgh (2)
Topanga runs away to Cory and they both try to convince his parents and Topanga's aunt that they belong together and that their relationship is worth fighting for.

4-18: Uncle Daddy
After dating a girl with a child, Eric feels that he is ready for fatherhood; Cory, Shawn and Topanga prepare for the SATs.

4-19: Quiz Show
Cory, Shawn and Topanga are contentants on a quiz show. After seeing how much of a hit they are, the show is dumbed down and their morals are tested.

4-20: Security Guy
Eric takes a job as a security guard and moves out; Mr. Feeny tries to convince Eric to take the SATs.

4-21: Cult Fiction
Shawns joins a cult; Shawn questions his beliefs after Mr. Turner is injured in a motorcycle accident.

4-22: Learning to Fly
A college girl hits on Cory when he and Eric are visiting for the weekend.
Shawn: Remember the goldfish I used to have?
Cory: The turtle?