Season Three Episodes

3-01: My Best Friend's Girl
Shawn asks Topanga out, disregarding Cory's feelings for her.

3-02: The Double Lie
Shawn brings a date to Mr. Turner's place, thinking he is out of town.

3-03: What I Meant To Say
Cory tells Topanga he loves her, causing her to become distant and break up with him.

3-04: He Said, She Said
Shawn considers running away to Paris after talking to a guidance counselor.

3-05: Hometowm Hero
Cory and Shawn break into the school and accidentally start a fire in the chemistry lab.

3-06: This Little Piggy
Shawn adopts a pig to fill the void he's feeling with Cory spending all of his time with Topanga.

3-07: Truth and Consequences
Cory and Shawn accidentally get Janitor Bud fired after videotaping him leaving work early.

3-08: Rave On
Eric throws a rave on the same day as his parent's wedding anniversary.

3-09: The Last Temptation of Cory
The most popular girl in school hits on Cory while Topanga is out sick.

3-10: Train of Fools
Cory, Shawn, Topanga and Eric get stranded on the subway on New Year's Eve.

3-11: City Slackers
Cory and Shawn steal the key to Mr. Feeny's cabin.

3-12: The Grass is Always Greener
Cory and Topanga attend another school's dance, unaware the other is there, and dressed as somebody else - Cory as Shawn and Topanga as a French girl.

3-13: New Friends and Old
Cory and Shawn befriend Frankie for their own selfish reasons.

3-14: A Kiss is More Than a Kiss
Cory tries dating other girls, but still has feelings for Topanga; Cory sees Topanga kissing another guy.

3-15: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Cory is pursued by a girl who rejected Shawn.

3-16: Stormy Weather
Eric takes a job as a weatherman, causing his grades to slip and putting his graduation in jeopardy.

3-17: The Pink Flamingo Kid
Cory and Shawn's friendship is tested when Cory videotapes some kids breaking the law, not realizing one of them is Shawn's half-brother.

3-18: Life Lessons
When Mr. Feeny refused to change his exam schedule, the students retaliate by vandalizing his home.

3-19: I Was a Teenage Spy
Cory goes back in time to 1957, where he is seen as a Russian spy.

3-20: I Never Sang For My Legal Guardian
Mr. Turner is ready to accept full responsibility of Shawn, but Shawn is hesitant.

3-21: The Happiest Show On Earth
Cory follows Topanga to Disneyworld in an attempt to win her back.

3-22: Brother Brother
Eric is leaving for college, Topanga is leaving for camp and Shawn is traveling with his father, leaving Cory alone for the summer; Cory has a tough time dealing with Eric's departure.
Eric: When a crime breaks out,
all the cute girls shout,
'there's the good-lookin' guy!'
When there's a crime out there,
he's gonna comb his hair,
'cause he's the good-lookin' guy!
Book 'em, good-lookin'!