Season Two Episodes

2-01: Back 2 School
Cory faces the school bully, meets a new teacher and learns that Mr. Feeny is the new principal.

2-02: Pairing Off
Cory is frustrated that everyone seems to be pairing off except for him, so he enlists Eric's help.

2-03: Notorious
Shawn gets away with playing a prank at school, but Mr. Feeny forces Cory to either tell him who's behind it or get suspended.

2-04: Me and Mr. Joad
Cory and Shawn lead their class in a strike after Mr. Turner breaks his promise about not having a test.

2-05: The Uninvited
Cory is invited to a popular girl's party, but Shawn is not.

2-06: Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf?
A fortuneteller convinces Cory that he's turning into a werewolf and that he will kill Topanga.

2-07: Wake Up, Little Cory
Cory and Topanga fall asleep in the school's editing room, leading to a rumor that they slept together.

2-08: Band on the Run
Cory and Shawn pretend to be in a band to impress girls, but they are quickly discovered after Mr. Feeny books them to play at a school dance.

2-09: Fear Strikes Out
Cory gets made fun of after he can't work up the courage to kiss Topanga at a party.

2-10: Sister Theresa
Cory goes on a date with Harley's sister.

2-11: The Beard
Shawn can't decide between two girls, so he asks Cory to date one of them.

2-12: Turnaround
After a nerd asks Cory to the dance, he and Shawn give her a makeover.

2-13: Cyrano
Cory and Shawn help Frankie get the girl he wants, unknowing that it's Harley's girlfriend.

2-14: I Am Not a Crook
After Cory fires Shawn as his campaign manager for class president, he decides to run against him.

2-15: Breaking Up is Really, Really Hard to Do
Cory tries to break up with his overly sensitive girlfriend, but takes her back when she starts crying.

2-16: Danger Boy
When Eric asks Shawn to double date instead of Cory, he tries to make himself into a bad boy.

2-17: On the Air
Cory and Shawn ger their own radio show at school, which Mr. Feeny dubs inappropriate.

2-18: By Hook or By Crook
Eric's tutor offers to help him cheat on a test.

2-19: Wrong Side of the Tracks
Shawn begins hanging out with Harley.

2-20: Pop Quiz
Cory and Shawn accidentally see Mr. Turner's class schedule and study for an upcoming pop quiz, which they feel guilty about.

2-21: The Thrilla' in Phila'
Cory joins the wrestling team.

2-22: Career Day
Shawn temporarily moves in with Cory; Cory is embarrassed about his father's job.

2-23: Home
Shawn and Cory drift apart after realizing how different their lives are.
Topanga: Each of our bodies is the master creation of Mother Nature.
Shawn: Well, except for Minkus. He was created by Mother Goose.