Season One Episodes

1-01: Pilot
Cory spends detention with Mr. Feeny; Cory learns a valuable lesson about love when Eric takes a date to the Phillies game, rather than him.

1-02: On the Fence
Cory learns the value of a dollar when he takes a job painting Mr. Feeny's shutters in order to earn money for a water gun.

1-03: Father Knows Less
Alan keeps Cory up late to watch a ballgame, which causes Cory to fail a test the next day.

1-04: Cory's Alternative Friends
Cory's attempt to straighten his hair goes badly, causing him to become an outcast.

1-05: Killer Bees
Cory wants a spot on the geography bee after learning that the prize is being batboy at the World Series.

1-06: Boys II Mensa
Cory and Shawn cheat on an IQ test after finding the answers. However, their plan backfires after Mr. Feeny wants to send Cory to a special school for geniuses.

1-07: Grandma Was a Rolling Stone
Cory's grandmother visits and makes promises to him that she cannot keep; Eric falls for Mr. Feeny's niece; Alan takes Shawn on a fishing trip.

1-08: Teacher's Bet
Cory and Mr. Feeny switch roles for a week.

1-09: Class Pre-Union
Mr. Feeny assigns the class to write about what they think they will be like at their 20th reunion.

1-10: Santa's Little Helper
Shawn misinterprets Cory's gift as charity; Morgan thinks she killed Santa.

1-11: The Father/Son Game
Neither Cory nor Eric want to play in the father/son softball game, so Alan tells them it was cancelled. After learning that is wasn't, they try to make it up to him.

1-12: Once in Love with Amy
After finding dress clothes in her bowling bag, Cory and Eric are convinced that Amy is having an affair.

1-13: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Topanga develops a crush on Eric.

1-14: The B-Team of Life
Cory is upset after making the basketball B-Team.

1-15: Model Family
During a class assignment, Cory learns there is no such thing as a perfect family; Eric wants to quit school and become a model.

1-16: Risky Business
Cory and Shawn bet on racehorses for a school project.

1-17: The Fugitive
Shawn hides out in Cory's room after he blows up a mailbox with a cherry bomb; Cory realizes what he means to be a true friend.

1-18: It's a Wonderful Night
Mr. Feeny spoils Cory and Shawn's plan to watch an R-rated movie; Eric fails his driving test, but takes the car out anyway.

1-19: Kid Gloves
Cory receives a necklace from his dad for his birthday, but he doesn't understand its meaning until he loses it.

1-20: The Play's the Thing
Cory quits the school play after learning that he will have to wear tights.

1-21: Boy Meets Girl
Shawn gets his first girlfriend, causing Cory to become jealous.

1-22: I Dream of Feeny
Cory wishes Mr. Feeny would get sick, but feels guilts when he lands in the hospital.
Amy: Oh, Eric... we used you as a decoy. We knew you'd be stupid, so we used it against you.