Cory Matthews - A bit of a slacker in school, especially earlier on. He has had one true love his entire life, whom he later marries. He often seeks Mr. Feeny's advice, whether it be family, friend, school or life related. At the end of the series, he and Topanga move to New York. GMW UPDATE! Cory goes on to become a middle school history teacher, following in Mr. Feeny's footsteps. He and Topanga have two kids, a boy named Auggie and a girl named Riley. --portrayed by Ben Savage

Topanga Lawrence-Matthews - Topanga is the only girl Cory has ever truly loved, and vice-versa. At their high school graduation, she asked Cory to marry her. She was accepted to Yale, but declined in order to attend Pennbrook and stay close to Cory and their friends. At the series' end, she was offered a law internship in New York. GMW UPDATE! Topanga works for a lawfirm in NYC, where her and Cory now reside with their kids. In addition, she also co-owns a bakery with Cory, which is a popular hangout for the kids. --portrayed by Danielle Fishel

Eric Matthews - Cory's popular older brother who tends to be a goof-off, especially towards the end of the series. He took a year off after high school before enrolling in college. Despite having a crazy exterior, he has a good heart. He is the inventor of the "Feeny Call." At the series' end, he moved to New York with Cory and Topanga. GMW UPDATE! Eric went on to become Mayor of St. Upidtown, a small city in New York, and later, Senator. --portrayed by Will Friedle

Morgan Matthews #1 - The cute and innocent little sister of Cory and Eric. Seasons 1-2. --portrayed by Lily Nicksay

Morgan Matthews #2 - The slightly older, more sarcastic version. Seasons 3-7. --portrayed by Lindsay Ridgeway

Joshua Matthews - The youngest child in the Matthews' family. He was born prematurely, and aged roughly 4 years by the series' end. GMW UPDATE! Josh is currently a senior in high school and is looking to attend college in NYC. Riley's best friend, Maya, has a huge crush on him and refers to him as Uncle Boing Boing. --portrayed by Daniel Jacobs (BMW) and Uriah Shelton (GMW)

Amy Matthews - Wife of Alan; mother of Eric, Cory, Morgan and Joshua. After Alan quit his job without discussing it with her, she bought a sporting goods store without discussing it with him, which then becomes a family business. --portrayed by Betsy Randle

Alan Matthews - Husband of Amy; father of Eric, Cory, Morgan and Joshua. He has worked at a grocery store since high school, eventually quitting without discussing the decision with his family. He goes on to take over a sporting goods store that Amy purchases. --portrayed by William Russ

Shawn Hunter - Cory's best friend and a bit of a bad boy. He is girl-crazy, but has a strict two-week rule for dating the same girl. This changed when he met Angela. At the series' end, he moved to New York with Cory, Shawn and Eric. GMW UPDATE! Shawn went on to become a photographer and travels frequently. He is currently single, but is pursuing a relationship with Maya's mother, Katy. --portrayed by Rider Strong

Jack Hunter - Shawn's rich half-brother and Eric's roommate and best friend. At the series' end, he joins the Peace Corps with Rachel. GMW UPDATE! Jack now works for an environmentally damaging company. He revealed to Eric that he broke up with Rachel not long after joining the Peace Corps, and hasn't spoken to her in a very long time. --portrayed by Matthew Lawrence

Chet Hunter - Shawn and Jack's father. He often leaves Shawn for long periods of time, which is what caused Mr. Turner to take temporary custody of Shawn in season three. He attempts to reconcile with Shawn later on, only to suffer a heart attack and die. GMW UPDATE! Chet appeared in ghost-form to advise Shawn on pursuing a relationship with Katy. --portrayed by Blake Clark

Angela Moore - Topanga's best friend and Shawn's girlfriend. She left for Europe with her father at the series' end, ultimately ending her relationship with Shawn. GMW UPDATE! Due to her insecurities, Angela approached Shawn for the first time since leaving for Europe to get advice on starting a family with her husband of four years. She also encouraged Shawn to go out with Katy. --portrayed by Trina McGee

Rachel McGuire - Eric and Jack's roommate. She briefly dated Jack, causing Eric heartache. At the series' end, she joins the Peace Corps with Jack. --portrayed by Maitland Ward

Stuart Minkus - The class nerd in Cory's sixth-grade class. He had a crush on Topanga and was obsessed with getting good grades. He was never seen again after the first season, except for a brief appearance during their graduation. GMW UPDATE! Stuart is the CEO of Minkus International and is married to Jennifer Bassett, an ex-girlfriend of Shawn. They have one child, Farkle, who is a classmate and friend of Riley. --portrayed by Lee Norris

Harvey "Harley" Keiner - The school bully. He eventually left school to go to juvenile boot camp. GMW UPDATE! Cory got Harley a janitorial job at the school where he teaches. He and Cory are good friends now, and the kids take a liking to him. --portrayed by Danny McNulty

Frankie "The Enforcer" Stechino - Harley Keiner's lackey. He often tortures the other students, including Cory and Shawn. Later on, Cory and Shawn see a different side to Frankie and befriend him. --portrayed by Ethan Suplee

Joey "The Rat" Epstein - Harley Keiner's lackey, who also tortures Cory and Shawn. --portrayed by Blake Soper

Griffin "Griff" Hawkins - Harley's replacement, although Griff is more laidback than Harley was. --portrayed by Adam Scott

Jason Marsden - Eric's best friend from the age of three. After graduating, he went on to college, leaving Eric behind. --portrayed by Jason Marsden

Lauren - After Cory sprains his ankle on a class ski trip, he is cared for by Lauren, who works at the lodge. They stay up all night talking, falling for one another. She kisses him, but he tells her nothing can come of it. She writes him a steamy letter, which Topanga reads, causing their breakup. Lauren visits Cory and goes out on a date with her, at Topanga's request, to see where his feelings for her lie. GMW UPDATE! While not physically seen, Lauren was briefly mentioned when Topanga revealed to Riley and Maya that this other girl almost came between her and Cory. --portrayed by Linda Cardellini

Mr. George Feeny - Mr. Feeny starts out as a seventh-grade history teacher, then becomes a high school principal, and eventually a college professor. He lives next-door to the Matthews' and is always the voice of reason. GMW UPDATE! Mr. Feeny has made an appearance in several Girl Meets World episodes. He still lives next door to the Matthews' and is doing well. --portrayed by William Daniels

Dean Lila Bolander-Feeny - The Dean of Pennbrook University and Mr. Feeny's wife later in the series. --portrayed by Bonnie Bartlett

Mr. Jonathan Turner - A new teacher with a laidback approach to teaching. He takes Shawn in after Chet goes on a search for his ex-wife. After getting into an accident on his bike, he falls into a coma, causing Shawn to question his beliefs. He is never seen on-screen again, but is briefly mentioned by Minkus in the graduation episode as still holding a teaching position at the school. GMW UPDATE! Mr. Turner relocated to NYC and hired Cory as a history teacher. According to Riley, he visits the Matthews' home frequently, and she refers to him as Uncle Jonathan. He revealed that he still thinks of Shawn as a son. --portrayed by Anthony Tyler Quinn

Mr. Eli Williams - The new Media Arts teacher and Mr. Turner's best friend. --portrayed by Alex Desert

Guest Stars

Nancy Kerrigan as herself (1 episode)
Yasmine Bleeth as herself (1 episode)
Anson Williams as himself (1 episode)
Ted Lange as himself (1 episode)
Bernie Kopell as himself (1 episode)
Tom Bosley as himself (1 episode)
Robin Leach as himself (1 episode)
Jim Abbott as himself (1 episode)
Chris Hardwick as himself (1 episode)
Jake "The Snake" Roberts as himself (1 episode)
Mick Foley as Mankind (1 episode)
Earl Hebner as referee (1 episode)
Dan Lauria as Judge Lamb (1 episode)
Pat Morita as Wise Man (1 episode)
Davy Jones as Reginald Fairfield (1 episode)
Richard Karn as Victor (1 episode)
Peter Tork as Jedidiah Lawrence (2 episodes)
Mickey Dolenz as Gordy (2 episodes)
Willie Garson as Leonard Spinelli (4 episodes)
GMW UPDATE! Willie made an appearance in Girl Meets World as Topanga's boss.
Shane West as Nick (1 episode)
Andrew Keegan as Ronnie (1 episode)
Will Estes as Alex (3 episodes)
Eric Balfour as Tommy (1 episode)
Jonathan Jackson as Ricky Ferris (2 episodes)
Fred Savage as Stuart (1 episode)
Charisma Carpenter as caterer (1 episode)
Olivia Hussey as Purdence Curtis (1 episode)
Kathy Ireland as Alexis (1 episode)
Rue McClanahan as Bernice Matthews (1 episode)
Marcia Cross as Rhiannon Lawrence (3 episodes)
Ariana Richards as Claire Ferguson (1 episode)
Nicole Eggert as Bridget (1 episode)
Staci Keanan as Dana (1 episode)
Julie Benz as Bianca (1 episode)
Candace Cameron Bure as Millie (1 episode)
Danielle Harris as Theresa "TK" Keiner (1 episode)
GMW UPDATE! Danielle will be appearing in a future Girl Meets World episode, but it it yet to be seen whether she will be playing TK or a future version of Riley.
Jennifer Love Hewitt as Jennifer Love Fefferman (1 episode)
Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina Spellman (1 episode)
Marla Sokoloff as Paige (1 episode)
Nicki Cox as Heather (1 episode)
Keri Russell as Jessica (1 episode)
Brittany Murphy as Trini (2 episodes)
Mena Suvari as Hilary (2 episodes)
Larissa Oleynik as Dana Pruitt (3 episodes)
Kelly Packard as Tracy (3 episodes)