Season Three Episodes

3-01: My Best Friend's Girl
Shawn asks Topanga out, disregarding Cory's feelings for her.

3-02: The Double Lie
Shawn brings a date to Mr. Turner's place, thinking he is out of town.

3-03: What I Meant To Say
Cory tells Topanga he loves her, causing her to become distant and break up with him.

3-04: He Said, She Said
Shawn considers running away to Paris after talking to a guidance counselor.

3-05: Hometowm Hero
Cory and Shawn break into the school and accidentally start a fire in the chemistry lab.

3-06: This Little Piggy
Shawn adopts a pig to fill the void he's feeling with Cory spending all of his time with Topanga.

3-07: Truth and Consequences
Cory and Shawn accidentally get Janitor Bud fired after videotaping him leaving work early.

3-08: Rave On
Eric throws a rave on the same day as his parent's wedding anniversary.

3-09: The Last Temptation of Cory
The most popular girl in school hits on Cory while Topanga is out sick.

3-10: Train of Fools
Cory, Shawn, Topanga and Eric get stranded on the subway on New Year's Eve.

3-11: City Slackers
Cory and Shawn steal the key to Mr. Feeny's cabin.

3-12: The Grass is Always Greener
Cory and Topanga attend another school's dance, unaware the other is there, and dressed as somebody else - Cory as Shawn and Topanga as a French girl.

3-13: New Friends and Old
Cory and Shawn befriend Frankie for their own selfish reasons.

3-14: A Kiss is More Than a Kiss
Cory tries dating other girls, but still has feelings for Topanga; Cory sees Topanga kissing another guy.

3-15: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
Cory is pursued by a girl who rejected Shawn.

3-16: Stormy Weather
Eric takes a job as a weatherman, causing his grades to slip and putting his graduation in jeopardy.

3-17: The Pink Flamingo Kid
Cory and Shawn's friendship is tested when Cory videotapes some kids breaking the law, not realizing one of them is Shawn's half-brother.

3-18: Life Lessons
When Mr. Feeny refused to change his exam schedule, the students retaliate by vandalizing his home.

3-19: I Was a Teenage Spy
Cory goes back in time to 1957, where he is seen as a Russian spy.

3-20: I Never Sang For My Legal Guardian
Mr. Turner is ready to accept full responsibility of Shawn, but Shawn is hesitant.

3-21: The Happiest Show On Earth
Cory follows Topanga to Disneyworld in an attempt to win her back.

3-22: Brother Brother
Eric is leaving for college, Topanga is leaving for camp and Shawn is traveling with his father, leaving Cory alone for the summer; Cory has a tough time dealing with Eric's departure.
Topanga (reading from Cory's paper): 'My model wife won't care how dirty my room gets. She'll always let me win at video games. She'll play street hockey any time of the day or night.' Why don't you just marry Shawn?
Cory: Because our kids would look like horses.